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60 Shades of Gray

It’s official. I am now legally gray. Yesterday I was filling out the form to renew my passport. Lo and behold came the question. Hair color? My heart skipped a beat. Wow. I looked at the box for a minute or two, took a deep breath and checked “gray”. What a year. 60 and gray.

I made the choice about a year ago to stop coloring my hair quite by accident. I had no intention of going “natural” at all. I missed my coloring appointment when my mom was in the hospital. Next thing I know it’s been 2+ months and I have roots.  Gray roots.   I observed my new roots and discovered that my gray had changed.  It was no longer the mousey ( I don’t think that’s a word)  reddish yucky gray but it had become more silver and light.  Hmmm.  Should I or shouldn’t I?   Emily said no way mom, you’re going to look old.   Now there’s a vote of confidence.  But then there was Sandy.   My own personal cheerleader!  Do it!  It’s beautiful.  It will look so good with your eyes and skin.   Ok we’ll give it a try.  She is very convincing!

Legally Gray

Legally Gray

Growing your hair out from coloring is not easy.  You go through some pretty terrible phases.  There were many and I mean many times when I would look at myself and does make me look old.  What am I thinking???   I want to be blonde again.   Sandy was always there…it looks great leave it alone.   It’s beautiful!  Don’t color it.  She  even enlisted our friends to join in and cheer me on.   I had my own private pep squad.   I had no choice.   I left it alone.

Luckily, I wear my hair short and it grows fast.  By the end of the summer it was pretty much gray.   Then as an early birthday present, Sandy gave me gift certificates to get a hair makeover with her niece Addie.  The plan, grow it out longer, no bangs, swoop here, longer there.  Oh my.  How much more change can I go through?    I let it grow out for 2 months and then I couldn’t take it anymore.  I felt like an old shaggy dog.   Addie to the rescue.   Finally it’s long enough to style.  She was very patient with me and my cranky demands.  I HAVE to have bangs and it needs to be shorter around my face!  You can do whatever you want with the rest.   She smiled and said great let’s do it.   An hour later I was looking at a new me in the mirror and I liked it.  Maybe change is good.   I am still getting used to the gray.  I am liking it more and more.   It has many shades of gray.    I am often asked if it’s my natural color.  Huh?  Who colors their hair gray on purpose?  But I must admit it makes me feel better about it.   Even Emily says it’s not as bad as she thought it would be.    I think that’s a compliment?

Sandy sent this link to me the other day. Gray Hair Leads Beauty Trends in 2015

So there you have it.  I am officially and legally gray.  I am trendy.  Deep breath.  Sigh!

I am glad I did it!


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