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Back on Track

Let’s see, where was I?  I guess I need to prove a point.  I am my own worst enemy. 5000 step challenge.  Honestly what is the deal?  At least I can report that I have gotten back on track.

Sometimes a little time away gives you a chance to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go.  In the past year I gained 5 more pounds and have been dealing with some hip issues.  Welcome to the 60’s! My normal exercise routine was causing more trouble than benefits.  I was in a rut.

Time to change it up.

I decided to stop my yoga class and more recently my kinesis class.  I found I was modifying them so much I was getting little benefit.  I charged up that “fitbit”  battery and started my step journey once again.  10,000 steps a day.  It’s not easy.  You have to work at it for sure.  I am lucky we have a lot of hiking trails nearby.  A quick two minute drive and we’re there.   Drive a little further and we have trails around lakes, along rivers, up mountains.  Brad and I recently decided to go Emigrant Lake for a little change of pace.   We headed to Ashland, stopped for breakfast and on to the lake.    We saw a “trail” that headed over the dam and decided to check it out.

Emigrant Lake

Emigrant Lake

We were not disappointed.   It was a beautiful hike alongside the lake.  Wildflowers were in bloom, row teams were practicing and we discovered a quaint very old cemetery.


I believe this is a perfect place to rest in peace!


but there is no better feeling than being scared when your wrist starts buzzing.  Mission accomplished.

My friend Anna got a “fitbit” for Christmas.  She told me about the feature where you can challenge your friends.  “Let’s challenge each other” she  said.  I should have known better.  Day one.  I wake up to a ” fitbit” text message…your friend Anna has reached 8743 steps.  Honestly? I immediately texted her and told her to sit down.  Good grief! I just stepped out of bed!! I must add she in Florida and I am in Oregon …there is a 3 hour difference but who needs to wake up to that?  Needless to say I lost that first challenge but I put up a tough fight I put in over 14,000 steps that day.  I also learned a great lesson.  Challenges work.

Today I challenge you.  What changes do you want to make? What will you do to make those changes happen?


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