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Charity Miles

Fall is here and with it comes chilly, cloudy, foggy days.  On days like these I find it’s a bit harder to get motivated to go out and walk.   I am always so glad when I do,  but a little extra motivation on those tougher days goes a long way!!




Charity Miles is my extra motivation.  It’s a free app for iphone’s and android’s which enables you to earn money for a charity of your choice through corporate sponsorships.   It is so easy and what an inspiration to get you moving!!  Download the app, open it scroll down the list of charities, select your activity and go.  It’s as simple as that!  The app does the rest!


I put the app right on top of page 1 on my phone so when I open my phone there it is.  Right in my face where I need it!!  It’s so simple and so inspirational!


Today I challenge everyone to download the app pick your charity and get moving!



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