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Motivation is a funny thing. One minute you have it. The next it’s gone. I always get a burst of energy after the Holiday’s. Throw away the cookies. Take down the crispy tree. Put the decorations away.  Clean clean clean.

This year was no different. I was raring to go. Then it snowed.  And snowed.  And snowed some more. Somewhere in all of this snow my motivation was buried.

It’s fun for the first day or so. Emily was excited. Kahlua was excited. We went sledding. Threw snowballs. Hid snowballs under the covers (in baggies of course) and enjoyed the winter wonderland. But enough is enough. It was too cold to be outside for long. Too icy to go for a walk. We were stuck.

The time came for Emily to go back to college. The house grew quiet once again.  I was sad and didn’t feel like doing anything.

Until this morning.  I woke up.  The rain has come. The snow is almost gone! I’m fired up.  The fit bit is charging. I’m writing a blog. Life is good!

Welcome back motivation. I have missed you!



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