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Now mind you, this is not the most fun topic but it is one that needs to be addressed. Whiskers. Those pesky little stubs that start growing out of our chins as we mature. Ladies…whiskers are for men. My sister Chris made me very aware of my whiskers a few years ago. She is almost as frank as I. Her point was well taken. Off we went to Costco. For just $19.99 you will find this wonderful mirror.IMG_4557
Well, I stand corrected! At the time of this photograph which was a few weeks ago it was only $14.99! It is a great deal. It has a normal side and a magnifying side. Both lit! The beauty of the magnifying side is you can actually see your chin. Maybe a little too much but whatever…think how much better you’ll look when using the regular side!!!
Take a few minutes once a week. Survey that chin and pluck those little whiskers away. Believe me, your friends will appreciate it!


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